#108: Build Your Own Salad At Pluto’s.

#108: Build Your Own Salad At Pluto’s.

I spent a whole month walking past it and bottle-necking the sidewalk outside to peer inside and catch a glimpse of the salad pilings and space themed interior. Today, I finally decided to go into Pluto’s and see what all the fuss was about. What I found: The smallest of planets with the biggest of dinners.

It’s true of what the sign says out front: Hungry portions for a hungry universe. Today I found was a salad construction zone stretching 4×8″ long with every topping under the kitchen sink.plutos saladsplutos salad

I stood in line for what seemed like ages. The gentleman behind me smiled, sensed I was hungry and gave me the low-down on the menu to spare more pain.

  1. Order the “Main” salad with meat.
    It’s roughly $7.75 for a “half salad” but only $1 more for a main entree salad. Don’t be shy, get the heaping main course. You get way more for your money and leftovers conveniently come in a well-packaged sturdy box.
  2. However you protein your meal, there’s plenty to pick from.
    Whether you’re eyeing the oven-roasted turkey, grilled chicken, flank steak, jumbo shrimp, spiced tofu or beef brisket, there’s plenty of hearty goodness to go around.
  3. Choose wisely between the menu options. The tri-tip sandwich, mozzarella & tomato basil sandwich, lemon dessert bar or five-inch-across chocolate chip cookie are all solid.
  4. Eat with a fork, and a knife. Hard to devour otherwise and you look like a newbie.
  5. Order a side, if you dare. As if the salad doesn’t fill you up, the sides will make you stuffed: Boudin bread, sautéed mushrooms, smashed potatoes, summer squash, butter spuds, garlic curly fries or sweet potato fries.

I came, I saw, I half conquered. And, I left half the battle to finish another day. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, I believe some salads just weren’t meant to be devoured in a day.

salad counter at plutos