#11: Get Running Therapy In DC.

#11: Get Running Therapy In DC.

What’s the best way to clear a writer’s mind? On a run. On cobblestone streets and packed sidewalks. In busy cities and industrial neighborhoods. With the morning sunshine and street noise to your back, and clear skies and inspiring architecture straight ahead.

Today is my clear-the-mind kind of day.
One hour and three minutes, two damp socks, 47 preloaded songs and a new life plan later, I’m ready for the next adventure.
But more on that in the next post.
Right now, I’m still sweaty from my run through Georgetown, Washington, DC.
Google maps lists 7.3 miles.
But, hell, it sure feels like a half-marathon.

run through georgetown


  1. Start out on N. Veitch Street, Arlington –– a couple blocks from my apartment.
  2. Cruise by M Street, NW and its beckoning street stalls, restaurants and shops.
  3. Turn right off the main drag to run around Washington Harbor Shopping Plaza, Waterfront overlooking the Potomac River.
  4. Catch a glimpse of the morning sun shine from glass walls on The Kennedy Center.
  5. Run in circles (3 to be exact) around the towering Lincoln Memorial.
  6. Pick up speed across the Arlington Memorial Bridge where traffic hugs the edge.
  7. Slow it down 3 notches to slowly jog through Lady Bird Johnson Park. (the closest thing I can get to “Stop and smell the roses.”)
  8. Take a quick breath of freedom and almost victory in Freedom Park.
  9. End the exhausting and exhilarating run with 3 things: 1) Water 2) Food and 3) Touching Home base on N. Veitch, my Mazda.

guardians watching out