#12: 15 Reasons Why I Moved Back To My College Town.

#12: 15 Reasons Why I Moved Back To My College Town.

Did you know there’s more to your college town than meets the college student’s eye? I had no idea either. Turns out there is life in Richmond,VA after college. And it’s unbelievably cool.

I’m a week into my new post-college town living. And already I’ve found a confluence of diverse restaurants outside campus, way better coffee shops not run by freshman baristas, OTBT places I didn’t have a car to get to before, way more money to work with, and a few lucky professional breaks.

There’s local businesses like Hamilton Beach, Radio Disney and Richmond GRID Magazine that fuel the work, live and play mentality.

There’a authentic Mexican food outside the cafeteria that spices things up to a whole other level,  Baja Bean & Co. and Havana 59.

There’s plenty of warm summer nights that make you want to hold on and never let go.

There’s better, taller, hoppier and more delicious beers I never-knew-I-always-wanted. Like Legend Brewery. Amen!