#18: Attend Your First Indian Wedding.

#18: Attend Your First Indian Wedding.

Indian weddings are often multi-day celebrations of feasting on delicious ethnic food, enjoying the colorful décor, dancing your Bollywood out, and speaking in tongues you’ve never heard. If you’ve never been to one, here’s 5 handy tips I wish I knew before going:


  • You should definitely avoid black. It’s viewed as an inauspicious color for a Hindu ceremony! (Dark green and black is ok, right?!)
  • If you’re with the groom’s side, wear comfortable shoes. Because you might to join the groom on his dance down the aisle to meet the bride’s family. (Luckily, I’m a friend of the bride’s.)


  • Surprisingly, don’t show up with a gift from the registry. Gifts are only for the shower. The etiquette is to cover the cost of your plate and always bring a non-boxed gift: an envelope with $$!
  • The wedding is an emotional roller coaster. You’ll giggle. You’ll cry. You’ll be in awe of the glitz and glam at the reception, then you’ll let loose on the dance floor. You’ll laugh, then shed tears during the farewell.


  • Some, if not most Indian weddings will be held in India, but if the bride has extended family, friends, cousins or colleagues in the States, there will often be a second post-wedding. Attend it! Travel (if you have to) because it’s totally worth it. (My brother and I drove 5 hours to New Jersey and it was absolutely 110% worth it.)