#19: Join A “Geeks-Who-Drink” Trivia Night.

#19: Join A “Geeks-Who-Drink” Trivia Night.

Well if you can’t beat the geeks, join ’em! Three hours later, I realized why trivia night is so addicting: It brings smarty pants together and turns random strangers into fast friends. A couple days leading up to trivia, I innocently and naively asked my roommate: What the heck is trivia night? A night of playing Trivial Pursuit at a kitchen table?  Humoring my question, he jokingly said I could join his team at their weekly Tuesday Trivia Night. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

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That night like every other Tuesday night around 8pm at Belly Timber, the bar started to hush in unison.

The host and quizmaster –– standing at the wooden bar with a mic, score-board and pre-loaded list of questions –– piped up and asked for all teams to get in position and get ready.

Before round #1 started, I got a quick low-down:

  1. There are six rounds of questions.
  2. You’re really competing for #1 title.
  3. You can’t really study for trivia night. But it’s ALWAYS a good idea to brush up on the categories ahead of time: history, politics, trending media, celebrities, foodie-isms.
  4. There’s a strict “no-phone” law.
  5. You NEVER call out the answers. You don’t want to get kicked off your own team for being that guy.
  6. Table space is limited, so bring smart friends. Bonus points if you bring a hot friend.
  7. IF your team wins 1st Place (and we usually win), you get a gift card.
  8. IF your team wins 2nd Place, some schmuck gets to chug a beer through a straw.