#21: A Weekend Getaway To NYC.

#21: A Weekend Getaway To NYC.

That feeling when… you know you’re in Yankees territory, it’s really winter outside, and you’re really glad you have a sweater collection. I’m in the Big Apple this weekend and it’s friggin’ amazing (and cold).

High Tea in Soho.

Where: Alice’s Tea Cup.
Pro-Tip: Reservations are accepted and Walk-Ins are welcome. But I highly recommend going early with a reservation. We trekked there, only to find out we had to come back two hours later! We walked around Central Park in the mean time.

Stand on the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge and look out to the Big Apple.

When: Early to late morning, after the sun rises but before it’s the hottest time of the day.
Where: Go across the Brooklyn Bridge to East River State Parks, a seven-acre waterfront park in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. Gives way to some of the best shots of the Manhattan skyline.
Pro-Tip: Get your walking shoes on and do the 7 miles from end to end. Takes two hours, but your camera roll will thank you later.

NYC trip 2012

Sample All The Craft Chocolate You Can Find.

When: February, Love Month!
Where: All around NYC.
Pro-Tip: Either sign up for a “Taste of… [Enter neighborhood here]” or just make your own tour and bring along hungry friends. There’s plenty of annual festivals, open door cafes, and celebrations.