#28: Drink Your Way Through A Pub Crawl.

#28: Drink Your Way Through A Pub Crawl.

I can’t remember all the stops, but I do remember the last one: Starlight Cafe with these ladies! If you’re doing a pub-crawl through Richmond, here’s a list of best bars by neighborhood:


Baja Bean & Co –– College-central, dive Mexican Bar & Grill with HUGE outside patio that’s packed in summer. Order the chips & salsa!
Starlight Cafe –– Indoor small dive bar in the heart of The Fan. Full of local beers, bar food and floor-to-ceiling open windows.
Helen’s Restaurant –– Urban chic bar with high-end plates (try the Asian Duck) and sandwiches. Housed in an old drugstore, ©1912.
3 Monkey’s Bar and Grille –– upscale open-window eatery and late-night watering hole.


Mekong Restaurant –– Asian fusion meets local homegrown bar.
Sine Irish Pub –– Upscale Irish pub with live music every Saturday and Sunday, full wrap-around wooden bar and “Irish Nachos.”
Penny Lane Pub –– If you want authentic, one-of-a-kind Irish pub that does a good trivia night and Ireland-imported beer, this is the one!
Poe’s Pub –– Dive Bar located on the outskirts of Downtown, in Churchill, where the bikers frequent. Also known as the “Biker Bar.”
Capital Ale House Downtown –– One of the only bars with an “iced” bar, in the heart of Downtown. Has 46 taps and lower game area.
Tobacco Company –– Has 4 levels for every type of entertaining: Basement for bar, cocktails, drinks and dance floor; Level 1 for classier happy hour, cocktails and parties; Floor 2 for Lunch and Dinner; Floor 3 and 4 for Brunch.
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