#32: Get Inspired To Move West.

#32: Get Inspired To Move West.

I got a random phone call a couple weeks ago from my old best friend, Rima, from the 2nd grade. Excited, elated, inspired and stoked with a range of feel-like-a-kid-again emotions, I jumped up and down when she told me the news.

“Hey Lauren! So good news… I got a job with Salesforce as a Software Engineer! Bad news, it’s in San Francisco! Jeff and I are taking 3 weeks to get out there and road-tripping the entire route –– from my parent’s place in Cockeysville, MD all the way to Downtown San Francisco. We’re making a bunch of pit stops along the way to different friends, places and whatnot in my blue mustang 🙂 Can we stop through Richmond for a night?”

Wait, is she really asking me for permission, is it OKAY? F%$k yeah!

“The coolest part about the roadtrip: We invested in a GoPro! It’s attached it to the windshield of the car and set to record every second of the trip. HA, we’re only a day into the trip and we’ve got 7 hours of footage still to watch.”

I want to move out West! And invest in a GoPro. And roadtrip the entire way there, too!

“Oh and I’m recording everything on a blog. You can keep track of our road trip here: TheAdventuresofJeffAndRima.webs.com.

Her story was nothing less than inspiring and motivating. Maybe some day I’d have the courage to make a one-way trip out west. Maybe one day sometime soon. Yes, before I turn 30 I’d like to make a risky move like that.

But for now, we sat outside Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream Cafe and recalled stories of growing up together in Charleston. Of us playing tennis as 6th graders and becoming league champs. Of us dividing and conquering logic puzzles together in SAIL (gifted and talented) class throughout elementary school. Of her mom babysitting us after school when we were kids. Of us sticking together through thick and thin. Of us reconnecting one day in the future on the West Coast.

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