#48: Get A Job At Stanford.

#48: Get A Job At Stanford.

When someone or some company gives you that lucky break, you take it. Right then and there. No equivocations. No hesitations. Only endless thank you’s. Thanks to a little help from a friend (thanks, Drew!) and a couple well-prepped Skype/phone interviews with executives from the Stanford Healthcare Marketing team, I passed Stanford Healthcare’s rigorous interview process. I MADE IT!!! I got the job. When they asked, “Can you be out here in 2 weeks?” I said HELL YES and started packing. Looking back today –– a full eight hours into my first day here –– I’ve heard enough stories to 100% reaffirm my gut decision to move here. This story stands out the best:

“New Co-Worker:: Lauren, have you seen Mark walk by yet?
Me:: (Looking really confused) Who?
New Co-Worker:: Oh, ya know, the man, Mark Zuckerburg. Facebook guy?
Me:: (Looking starstruck and in love with my office’s proximity to fame and fortune) WHAT, he lives or works near here?
Co-Worker:: Well, the Facebook office used to be down the street. Mark used to walk by that window every day to grab a sandwich. Wouldn’t be surprised if he still comes over and walks.
Me:: (Sighing with happiness) Well, I’ll keep my eyes peeled.”

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