#54: Eat at Sol Food. Get a taste of Puerto Rico.

#54: Eat at Sol Food. Get a taste of Puerto Rico.

A former co-worker at Restoration Hardware (hi, Shante!) turned me onto Sol Food. Now I can’t get the taste of its delicious veggie sandwich out of my head. And neither can she. Here’s a few reasons why:

dos-chicas#1: You walk into this open-air café and it’s like you’re stepping into Puerto ico. Instantly upon walking in, you’re surrounded by festive wall decorations, palm trees and charming vintage appeal. Your ears pick up the lively downbeat of the la musica playing semi-loudly in the background and your feet dance in line. Your nostrils engulf the smell of spiced black beans, flavorful fish tacos and fresh, sliced mango. Your tummy seems full before you begin ordering.

veggie-sandwich-sol-food#2: The veggie deluxe is arguably better than any meat sandwich on the menu. Here, you can throw any mental block of veggies or green stuff out the window because this casual-sounding sandwich leaves something amazing to be desired. Its toasted and grilled French flat bread presses into the melting jack cheese, ripened tomato avocado, sautéed onions, crimini mushrooms and aioli mustard layers wedged in between, and you find a confluence of cajun taste meets latin culture.

bathtub-sol-food#3: The lemonade cervezas are anything but ordinary.  You can take your pick from the “Arnoldo Palmero!” (half mango iced tea and half limeade) or “Te Helado” (orange mango iced tea). Both are sweet and tangy concoctions served in unconventional mason jars over heaping scoops of ice that happily quench the thirst.

But I was a skeptic too… until I saw the food come out and my drool-worthy after-photos to prove it.