#54: Live Outside SF.

#54: Live Outside SF.

Sometimes to start over and make it in a new city, you’ve got to live just outside of it. After four weeks of apartment hunting, searching and tackling like the secret inner offensive linebacker in me, I finally found an apartment. Good news: it had a roof and working toilet. Bad news, it was outside San Francisco in a little quaint town called Burlingame.

But, in the same breath I signed my new lease, I realized a couple simple facts about apartment hunting and actually living in a big city.

  1. There is life outside a big city, you just have to find it.  Maybe a quieter life than the late-night San Francisco life, but civilization at least. If you had big city life, you’d probably yearn for a quieter life anyways. (My future home was a modern and stylish 2-BR duplex with all the amenities, tiny backyard and quaint surrounding neighborhood. With a fellow Stanford coworker. This would be a perfect starter.)
  2. To get to where you eventually want to be, sometimes you have to start from the ground up.

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