#59: Put An Avocado On Everything.

#59: Put An Avocado On Everything.

Here in California, if you say “avocado,” you’re golden. One roll off the tongue, and you’re usually moved to the front of the line, given preferential condiment “whatever-you’d-like-sweetie” treatment, and generous proportions. 🙂

It was a testament to how an avocado-based sandwich turned a simple avocado from spreadable afterthought to buttery richness that enriched my lunch hour.

It was Italian-style, California lunch hour (1pm).
My hungry-man craving was in full effect.
I could feel the hunger pangs of an early breakfast and no snack.
I was in the mood for a sandwich (like when am I not) and knew of great little place nearby with killer hoagies.
JJ&F Market, a no-frill, hole-in-the-wall deli down the street from my Stanford marketing office.
The co-worker wanted to see for herself what avocado greatness looked like.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.32.10 AMThe place had no particular aesthetic appeal or charm to its name, but the sandwich makers made up for it in sweat, labor and family work ethic. Gino, Chris and Mike, three dark-haired, fun-loving Italian guys with hearts of gold. A father and his two sons carrying on the family tradition some 30 years later. My favorite kind of sandwich makers, the kind who instinctively know how to please a woman and what hungry-man portions are.

Feeling like deli royalty with 7 sandwich punches to my name already, I ready to order.

“I’ll have ”The Ruby” with spinach, spicy mustard, and all the works. Oh, and definitely some avocado if you have it!”

Oh, the avocado. An understated must-eat and more-than deserving ingredient.

cal sandwichAll three pitched in to carefully carve, generously spread, perfectly cut and masterfully wrap my sandwich to garnished perfection. And, all three chimed goodbye when I walked out with nine sandwich punches and a smile.

Wow, it must have been that avocado that stole their hearts and gave me sandwich extra heartiness.

The end result: greatness for goodness sake.