#70: Carve A Pumpkin, West Coast Style.

#70: Carve A Pumpkin, West Coast Style.

It seemed like a brilliant idea at the time to carve a pumpkin and then leave it somewhere unexpected for the world to see. Little did we know it would make us Starbucks-famous. It was Halloween time. Brittany and I were in festive, holiday spirits, sipping our hot Americanos and piping foam lattes. And the Palo Alto Farmers Market was inspiring enough with children’s costumes, pumpkin-infused everything and endless sightings of Starbucks cups.

Swapping glances as we walked through the market, Brittany and I both saw the Starbucks mermaid logo. Her front and center position on her cardboard cup matched the pumpkin position. Her flowing locks of hair were as thick and coarse as the pumpkin stump handles. And her symmetrical proportions, contour lines and tiny waist were all perfect for tracing and carving.

YES! The mermaid would be the face of our pumpkins, we decided. We would somehow creative carve that, and then leave it randomly outside a local Starbucks for the coffee world to see.
After three hours of tedious and careful scooping, molding, spooning, cutting and swapping of dollar store pumpkin carving tools, we had unintentionally carved our way to a Starbucks-worthy look-alike. We stopped at the Starbucks on California Ave, but the baristas noticed us before we could walk away.

Either they were so impressed by our tracing abilities, or the dollar store tools we used (pretty sure it was the latter), because they took our pumpkins in their hands and happily hoisted it on the front barista window counter.

The coolest part of it all: Brittany and I BOTH scored major props and two free Venti pumpkin spice lattes all from a $2 dollar pumpkin from Mollie Stones.

Winner, winner, pumpkin dinner.