#71: Halloween At The Cal Academy Of Sciences.

#71: Halloween At The Cal Academy Of Sciences.

The California Academy of Sciences is NOT usually the place you’d expect to find:

  1. Earthquakes and tremors.

  2. A massive aquarium.

  3. Wall-to-wall exotic fish tanks.

  4. A human brain you could actually touch if you so desired. (yes, really)

  5. A tastefully done drag queen contest.

  6. Crazy costumes: two being a rain cloud and bag of jelly beans.

  7. Steaming hot pork buns –– lightly baked to perfection –– in the shape of stars and constellations.

  8. Star gazing on the “living roof” with a kick-ass astrologist.

  9. Life-size giraffes peacefully living a post-Nat-Geo-documentary, stuffed-animal existence.

  10. Or a rain cloud as a costume.

But, Thursday nights are usually weird here at the Cal Academy of Sciences, and today just happens to be Halloween… Could it be? Two separately scary, adventurous nights combined into one? In the end, after four hours, two drinks, many friendly creature meetings and 50-something science oddities later, it was indeed a night not to forget.