#742: Take Every Foodie Liberty Here.

San Diego has been waiting for the Liberty Public Market to pop up for a while now, but this lucky duck (*slowly raises hand*) moved here just in time for its grand opening. So today I came, I saw and I, well, half conquered what my belly could hold. And let me tell ya, this market is a foodie connoisseur’s dream. A confluence of Philly’s Redding Terminal Market inside LA’s Grand Central Market inside San Francisco’s Ferry Building inside San Jose’s San Pedro Square. Like a Navy barracks-turned public market where flying colors meets tasteful flavor meets barn yard style meets world-class, San Francisco-like culture. Now, if only I could pick this place up and bring it with me where ever I retire.

(amazing photos all by @liberypublicmarket…these are too good not to share!)

Cookies montsers cupcakes at LPM color me yello