#753: Camp In Santa Barbara

My photographer and journalist friend Diana and I decided to go camping around Santa Barbara this past weekend. (Diana was really the savvy camper and enthusiast there, I was mainly going to get out of the city, unplug from work and cheer her on her practice 18-miler runs as she trained for her upcoming marathon.) Little did we know, the campground we picked from Trip Advisor’s recommended list was nestled in a valley between two tall mountains meaning we were setting up camp in a wind tunnel.

Well, we got a wind tunnel, plus some. The 25-30 mile-an-hour winds (at least) ravaged the sides of our single man tents all night long, like tree branches slapping a window pane. I think I slept a total of 2 hours, both nights, and it showed; if the bags under my puffy eyes weren’t telling enough, the gulping of my french roast sure ratted me out.

But despite our terrrrrible sleeping experience, we made up for it with adventures around Santa Barbara.

  • The Santa Barbara Mission.
  • Breakfast on Diana’s portable grill (of course, she brought one).
  • A tour of the 4-star Baccarat Hotel and cat nap at the pool (if anyone asks, we were in Rm 450)
  • A driving and walking tour of Downtown Santa Barbara where there was no shortage of urban wineries, Mexican cantinas, college students, terracotta-roofed skylines and moseying surfers.
  • A brief hike to the top of Santa Barbara highlands.