#85: Thrift Through The Fillmore.

#85: Thrift Through The Fillmore.

dotted map of fillmoreIt’s a classic pursuit; this lengthwise traversal of San Francisco. Its 90-something micro-hoods have inspired and birthed a million thrift shops and consignment boutiques. There are SO many, yelp or google maps doesn’t register them all.

Today, I stumbled upon a mecca of thrift shops –– ripe with hidden thrift store treasures –– in a neighborhood about five blocks wide and two miles long stretching from the Marina to Haight Ashbury, The Fillmore.

For some, thrift shopping is a result of logistical instinct. You need something cheap, seasonal, last-minute or out of mere convenience and a ‘Goodwill’ justifies.

But for others, like me, who revel in the bargain hunting, exploring, sifting through and investigating of the mysterious shelves, thrift shopping is a rite of passage from amateur shopper to seasoned pro.

It’s a pilgrimage to the far reaches of the retail world –– ripe with hidden treasures you have to literally dig to uncover –– to find that perfect pearl in the ocean of some other man’s junk.

Today, I found it in spades.

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