#87: Friends-Style Thanksgiving In Portland.

#87: Friends-Style Thanksgiving In Portland.

This past Thanksgiving was not a typical turkey day. I spent it doing an extended family and friend-style Thanksgiving, a “Friends-Giving.” Survey says? Turkey-licious and Awesome.

Instead of the usual Thanksgiving affair –– where my little cousins run amuck; my aunts and uncles sample the gravy; my brothers hog the kitchen counters; or there are MASSIVE lines to get sweet potato casserole before it’s all gone –– this year is going to be different. I’m going to take the non-traditional route.

I’m traveling up to Portland, Oregon to see a cousin and long-time study abroad friend. Knock out two birds with one turkey.

Well… one FINE meal later, I’m now officially stuffed from the food coma and traveled out but happy. If THIS is the turkey holiday fun that comes from a Friends-Giving, I’ll do this every year. Especially if 6 separate trips to the grocery store and 8 hours of wood-chipping, smoking, brining and roasting make a golden turkey like this one.

[Left: Lauren arrived with a lingering head cold, but Cousin Colin quickly whipped up some Irish hot toddies.)

hot toddies with colin