#9: Leave New Orleans, Heavy-Hearted.

#9: Leave New Orleans, Heavy-Hearted.

The city I don’t want to forget: New Orleans. It’s Day # 30. The mileage meter says 2,648 miles traveled in one month. With an aching feeling of sadness, home sickness and a little vacationer’s remorse, I’m leaving this extended road trip for home, Washington, DC.

Why? Well, the reason why all travelers and writers eventually return home. I can’t explain but, I can say in a month’s time, New Orleans has felt like home; a European home that is. Like a Paris-meets-Charleston-meets-Richmond-meets-Moulin-Rouge.

Laughing now, I recall the made-up theme song for my trip. “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” by Bon Jovi.

“ … It was a blast. And I’ll take it in with all its quirks and take it with me when I go.”

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