I suppose an intro is in order... Well, here it is: Who I am, how it all began, and what it’s like being a digital creative.


My veins are constantly flowing with either Stumptown coffee, coconut water or vino. My eyes are two different colors––blue-green and hazel––a pretty unique trait which only 6% of the world has. I'm 75% Irish and 25% French, ironically though, with an olive complexion and a distaste for potatoes (my ancestors are probably shuddering). On a good day, I've already had a double espresso, a brisk run and all the kale in my fridge, by breakfast. I'm a writer and producer by day, and a waging adventurist, wine enthusiast and outdoorsman by weekend.


I'm originally from Washington, DC but now live in Los Angeles, CA. I've lived in 13 cities in my lifetime so far–from Philly to Charleston, and San Francisco to San Diego–and also made pit stops in New Orleans and Rome. Overall (and probably needless to say), I deal with the ritual packing of boxes, hoarding of postcards and city withdrawal fairly well. (*cough over 500 postcards cough*)


I have a greater fear of spiders and treadmills––than skydiving, Brazilian waxing, sailing, double piercings and moving to new cities without knowing a soul, combined. (Yes, I sadly have the treadmill track marks to prove it.)


Not sure there's just one moment, so here's 10.

When I was 8, I used to hide in my mom's closet and write short stories.
She later found one and entered me into a writing contest where I was lucky enough to win an award.
I knew then I was born to write. 

When I was 12, one teacher pushed me to audition for an arts school
and I made 10th on the waiting list. I knew then
I was "the creative one" in the family.

When I was 15, I made friends with a military brat
and visited her in a sunny place called San Diego.
I knew then I'd call the West Coast home one day.

When I was 18, the fifth woman in my family died of cancer.
I knew then I'd make it my life's mission to always
live healthy and encourage others to do the same.

When I was 21, I studied abroad in Rome, Italy
and fell head over heels in love with travel and
languages (and maybe the European men).
I knew then I'd travel the world one day for a career. 

When I was 24, I was laid off my beloved job as a copywriter,
but undeterred, kept going and launched my own bucket list blog.
I knew then I'd write for the rest of my life.

When I was 26, my 2-week temp copywriting job at Hamilton Beach
turned into a 3-month stint and a wildly successful campaign on Amazon.com.
I discovered then digital storytelling was my calling.

When I was 27, I sold almost everything I owned
and moved to San Francisco on a whim, knowing only a soul.
I learned then what following your gut means and to always trust it. 

When I was 28, I got a social media job in Silicon Valley for eBay and learned how to change
the way people shop. I discovered then how to
make tweets please 75,000.

When I turned 30, I landed my dream job.
I learned then, that all those 5,000 times
I wanted to quit but kept going, finally paid off.


Live like there's no mañana. Take risks. Have no regrets. You're either living or you're not. There's just not a lot of gray area there. I am like fuscia among shades of gray.