I’m a digitally-wired writer, producer and strategist by day, helping award-winning brands and companies create meaningful social change and collective action that impacts millions. 

When i’m not herding data, content, campaigns or people for a living, you can usually find me outdoors trying extreme sports, traveling the skies, or tackling creative DIY projects.

I live like there’s no mañana; Take risks; Have no regrets. You’re either living, or you’re not. There’s just not a lot of gray area there. 

I am like fuscia among shades of gray.

other confessions…

My greatest fear isn't what you think...
I have a greater fear of spiders and treadmills than feeding alligators, skydiving, Brazilian waxing, double piercing and moving to a new city without knowing a soul-combined. (yep, I sadly have the treadmill track marks to provide it.)
Living the digital nomad life.
I’m originally from Washington, DC but now live in Miami, FL. I’ve lived in 14 U.S. cities, along four national and international coastlines, and in the heart of Italy. Let’s just say, I’ve come to love packing and hoarding of postcards. (700 and counting.)

Finding the extraordinary in the everyday ordinary.

I seek adventure, challenge, learning, self-empowerment and humor in everything I do. I’m tougher than a $2 dollar steak when it comes to taking challenges and turning them into wild successes. 
Navigating my roots.
My veins are constantly flowing with coffee or wine. My eyes are two different colors – blue-green and hazel – a rare trait only 6% of the world has. Oh, and I’m 75% Irish and 25% French; ironically though with an olive complexion and a dislike for potatoes (my ancestors are probably shuddering.)