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My photographer friend Diana and I decided to go camping last weekend in Santa Barbara. Little did we know how windy, muddy and cold it would be. Yet despite our lack of sleep, our adventures made up for it.

After Jackie and Will’s pomegranate wedding came to a bittersweet end, two fellow wedding friends told me they only had one day left in Southern California. With 24 hours left at our disposal, I played host.

Best wedding I’ve ever been a part of. My two life-long friends said “I Do” on a pomegranate farm, inside that tree. No wifi, only friends, all weekend long, UH-mazing.

Do you know where one of the best spots is to watch a San Diego sunset? It’s a tough call–there’s so many in this city–but I know one. It’s on top of Torrey Pines State Reserve in San Diego, CA.

I surfed, I dogged, and I conquered. That day the tide was low and my Surfline app reported good surf weather. So with my brick of a Costco 8″ board, I trekked to San Diego’s original “Dog Beach.”

And just when I thought I’d seen it all, life surprised me. Tonight, on a warm summer night in June, Austin’s bat colony decided to take flight in their annual migration from this bridge, where 1.5 million bats flew from in under 3 hours. YIKES!

When your little bro turns 27 and you realize you’re not getting any younger, measures need to be taken. Luckily, we knew a guy with a sweet view to the Denver skyline to throw Kevin an epic 27th.

Laguna Beach wasn’t all beaches, billionaires and babes. Somewhere in the back of a hole-in-the-wall dive bar called The Marine Room, I found a funky, blue grass band and a man who defied the “Cali” norm.

I’m always on par for challenging my inner taco snob and today I came face to face with my match, the Slapfish Taco. These noshes hail from a tiny dive, so don’t blink because you might just miss them.

Think I found my new mission in life: Try every single taco joint on the West Coast and decide, once and for all, which taco looks, smells and ultimately TASTES the best. Well today, that mission was accomplished.

San Diego has been waiting for the Liberty Public Market to open for a while but his lucky duck moved here just in time for its Grand Opening. Today I came, I saw, and well, I half conquered what my belly could hold.

After attending today’s Ocean Beach San Diego Writer’s Group, I learned the ultimate “can’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover” lesson: Everyone has an interesting story to tell, but not everyone is a good storyteller.

DO I WANT TO VOTE?! let’s just say, Frank–my ardent, democratic roommate–and I were so excited to vote we named our apartment internet Wi-Fi name accordingly. “Trump Your Own Horn.”

The Pirates of the Caribbean might be stopping by later. Because here, at Smuggler’s Cove in San Francisco the rum is NEVER GONE. The Goonies… no One-Eyed-Willie… no Jack Sparrow would have been proud.

Perfect Sunday Funday: Dining al fresco, cozying up with a hot coffee, chatting with my old roommate, scarfing down, I mean eating, delicious French toast comfort food, surrounded

It really is true. Great bands become great by starting off in small venues. Walking down the narrow hall of The Independent (a venue I never knew existed

I don’t get enough attention. EVER. Play with me. Please!

Ya know those friends you don’t see for a while, but it’s like yesterday when you catch up? Keren and I picked up like it was just yesterday when

She was just as divine as I imagined. And her vine-covered, cottage-esque chateau was too. Tucked away in the California countryside, it was like something out of Southern

Aunt Mollie and Uncle Ray were in town last week visiting their old stomping grounds where they had lived for 4 years, my surfer and boat-bound cousin,

Aunt Mollie will always be the funny, happy-go-lucky, wicked awesome aunt from Boston I remember. “Hello sweetie. So I tried that coffee place across the street but wasn’t

When I say we explored San Diego’s Cabrillo National Monument, I don’t mean for fun. My outdoorsy and adventurous roommate Frank went exploring here yesterday yet lost his

Officially named “The Last Bookstore” this quaint Downtown LA bookstore might as well be THE LAST bookstore with the inside walls built entirely out of books. Yep, 22,000 sq. ft.

It’s America’s most popular roadtrip for a reason. Many a honeymoon has been spent, a novel born and a virgin road trip consummated (*raises hands in excitement*)

*Tear* We said our last goodbyes to Dennis tonight. He was leaving his San Diego crew and the sunshine for San Francisco fog and a little company you may have

When you can’t have the famous apple pie from Julian, drink Julian Apple Pie instead. Cheers.

Pro-tip: If your family’s in town and you’re hungry for a nice brunch, take them to Little Italy’s Queenstown Public House, the Queen of brunch spots.

Why visit the YMCA? It’s cheaper with a no-hidden-fees style membership. Has all the amenities anyone really needs. You won’t find too many fake or high-maintenance patrons or over

Easy on the eyes like a Saturday brunch at Union Kitchen & Tap.

I don’t really go to Church. I pray when I run. And tonight the Sun Gods were good to me.

Never mind the pickle, what IS that creature? It’s the Hail Mary of Bloody Mary’s. The Man Meat Bloody Mary, topping the Sunday brunch drink menu at The

Friend Megan and I finally caught up after weeks of missing each other. She suggested this off-the-beaten-path trail in the deep woods of East San Diego. A four-mile hike

No panicking at this coffee shop. With open-air seating and carefree ambiance meets southern California style and restored farmhouse-turned coffee shop feel, there’s really no reason to stress here.

When you remember that one amazing turkey sandwich in that little hole-in-the-wall-deli in a San Diego strip mall… and go back and show them this exact picture

The closest thing to living my National Geographic dream was meeting one of their top designers today at a hole-in-the-wall bar in Venice Beach, CA. Although our

I’ve always thought about working for a flower company. So five months ago, the day after Thanksgiving, I accepted an offer for a short-term freelance gig at