The closest thing to living my National Geographic dream was meeting one of their top designers today at a hole-in-the-wall bar in Venice Beach, CA. Although our

I’ve always thought about working for a flower company. So five months ago, the day after Thanksgiving, I accepted an offer for a short-term freelance gig at

Give me all of the toppings. Now. Please and thank you. Nom, nom, nom.

These succulents are brave little guys, but I think they can survive a summer in my care. ūüôā¬†

Filing your taxes when you’re¬†freelancer slash contractor is a¬†PAIN IN THE ARSE. I’ve done it two years in a row now, and learned a few things. Opt

Found a new reason to stick around San Diego today: South Park. It’s an underestimated, funky, off-beat neighborhood located¬†in the southern part of¬†downtown San Diego. Though I

Friend, Dennis and I were just looking for a simple, local San Diego bar with a couple board games and a lively atmosphere to tide us over until the weekend fun

There’s a sweet side to Newport Beach, California that you don’t typically hear when mentioning¬†Orange County, CA. Turns out, Newport Beach is no frozen¬†force to be reckoned

Arguably one of the best farmer’s market in the U.S. (if not THE¬†best, by many), the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market really is sight for sore eyes and

An amusement park in itself, Hollywood Boulevard¬†is a spectacle of ALL sorts. From the Chinese Theatre to the Wax Museum to the Stars’ Footprints to the Dolby

Hey, Hollywood! What’s your dream?

After leaving the LACMA earlier this morning in Los Angeles, friend Dennis and I headed for the famous Griffith Observatory, navigating through the streets of Downtown LA, La

Two reasons to come to The Mustard Seed Cafe: 1) You were either waiting in line at The Alcove Cafe across the street for 20 minutes and realized

Bad news, guys. There actually is no lake in Silver Lake; it was built around what used to be a city reservoir, and now is an empty canyon. Yet

If you know a bartender here at this bar, you’ll make the Honor Roll.¬†After a long day of spontaneous road-tripping and neighborhood strolling around vast Los Angeles,

Ahhhh… the best nights are often times the unplanned, spontaneous ones.¬†That happy hour we decided to go to last minute on a random breezy Saturday evening in

A king side bed, a beautiful bathroom, a view to the indoor courtyard and pool, a sweet suite friend Dennis and I scored two hours before on

Of ALL the celebrity-loved, world-class-inspired, 5-star award-winning restaurants and cuisines in the entire LA metropolis, Anthony Bordain raved about this particular 3-mile stretch of LA: Koreatown. So, I

From almond soy lattes to pupusieras to homemade flax granola to hundreds of international vendors, L.A.’s Grand Central Market is a my favorite foodie destination and¬†coffee drinking

Another landmark checked off the bucket list today: Los Angeles’ Urban Light. Ripe for both appreciation and dissection, it’s a fascinating pop phenomenon you just can’t help

The little Mamacita in me ALWAYS wants deliciously spicy, pepper-infused Mexican food, no matter what time of the day or year or place. Luckily, Costa Rican friend Dennis was

Hidden gem in Venice Beach, CA. I never knew these charming quiet canals were nestled here in the suburbs of crazy Venice.

What makes any Monday a little better? A¬†breath of fresh air and skyline views¬†on top of¬†Mount Soledad. You get fantastic 360ňô views,¬†and on clear days you get

Nice hike! Glorious beauty! Hang gliders overhead! Oh… and some serious bare butt surprises!¬†

Being Easter Sunday, my favorite holiday, I wanted to spend it out side burying easter eggs. Instead I buried my feet in the sand and appreciate the

A TOAST!!!…. To delicious, mouth-watering California wines, in general. To the never-ending grape varieties and flavors that keep my tastebuds wanting more. To the entrepreneurs who bring

My happy place on Sundays, the Leucadia Farmers Market. Full of sunny patches, fruit stands, coffee pop-ups, intoxicating breakfast foods and Southern California appeal. Parking is a

Yep, I’m a little obsessed with Mazdas. I had a Mazda3 for 3 years, 3 years before this. Now I’m biting the bullet again. This time, a

Pacific Beach. The last place I thought I’d ever live in San Diego. And now: the first place I want to come home to. Never mind the

Ahh, that holy trinity of meals that I can’t ever pass up: BRUNCH. With Mom in town this week, it’s been way too¬†tempting to just skip work

What’s the best gift to give Mom on Mother’s Day? Not roses. Or chocolate. Orrrr a mani-pedi. Instead, surprise her with a morning hike at Torrey Pines,

The U.S. has several spots where you can be in two places at once. Turns out, San Diego has neighborhoods like that. You can stand one foot in

What’s better than watching a San Diego¬†sunset? Watching a San Diego sunset right on the beach. With the sand at your fingertips. The cliffs at eye level.

Bucket list item complete: I traversed the rocky plain of Torrey Pines State Beach without falling, being attacked by seaweed, or getting pummeled by a wave. Am

Livin’ on the edge. Literally.¬†

Look what Mom and I found right outside our Airbnb in San Diego?! A larger-than-life mailbox about 15 foot high. For those extra tall mailmen, apparently. Dazed and

Any San Diego local will nonchalantly tell you¬†there is more to this town¬†than just sunshine,¬†beaches and fish tacos. (although, sadly, those are my favorite things.) There’s hiking

With its gorgeous bluffs and shimmering waters, one would think La Jolla Cove ‚Äď‚Äď the jewel of Southern California ‚Äď‚Äď has tourists just flocking to its streets,

Though expensive, the trip was worth every penny of my $90 ticket, every animal sighting (GIRAFFES, my favorite!), every inch of the 4.5 mile course, and every bite

Ahh bring me that horizon!