Northside Social, an old restored painted red farmhouse-turned quaint coffee shop from the early 1900s located in Arlington, VA. Where –– if you’re lucky enough to find

Always been a bucket list item. Now I’ve finally done it.

Of that 4-Item bucket list I was going to accomplish this year, first thing to check off: Singing. After searching local singing groups, I found everything from church choirs to

I found the secret to keeping new year’s resolutions. Starting them on your birthday. Lucky for me, my birthday is January 21st –– not exactly on the January 1st

It’s the 2012 Presidential Election and Obama is running for the head honcho spot. I’m ecstatic at what the country could look like after this. But as far as

Thanks to my former college roommate, Jackie (yup, the credit goes to you, Jax!) I was roped into this whole tradition. Start a “Pumpkin Chili Baked Inside a Real

I got a random phone call a couple weeks ago from my old best friend, Rima, from the 2nd grade. Excited, elated, inspired and stoked with a range

It takes a lot of great people to pull together a good local magazine or blog that helps others discover all that’s happening in that region. I’m lucky to have contributed

Sometimes… when you’ve had a crazy couple years and all you want, and need, is a vacation, a mental break, a sanity check and a big hug

A PR-Grad-Turned-Copywriter, it took me a while to find copywriting heaven… Who knew a 2-week temp assignment with a kitchen appliance brand would turn into a 3-month event

I can’t remember all the stops, but I do remember the last one: Starlight Cafe with these ladies! If you’re doing a pub-crawl through Richmond, here’s a

Watching the July 4th fireworks from a boat, ferry, or harbor is the best to spend it. After all that’s how we won our Independence Day back

That feeling when you score concert tickets to a long-time favorite band, Foster The People, and of course, the only standing room available is 5 rows back. Headliner:

Can you believe that a simple man can hike the Appalachian Trail –– from Springer Mountain in Northern Georgia to Katahdin, Maine? According to the National Park Service, the trail

Salsa dancing. Watching it is awesome. Learning how to do it? Something else entirely. I’ve watched it on shows like Dancing with the Stars. I’ve seen it at festivals and in

As they saying goes (plus a little mad lib), “Top o’ the mornin’ to ya… And the rest of the parade is yours.”

What happens in spring in VA: oversized roof patios, corn hole, beer pong, card drinking games, sunnies, croakies, hip-hop BBQ-themed music.

That feeling when… you know you’re in Yankees territory, it’s really winter outside, and you’re really glad you have a sweater collection. I’m in the Big Apple this weekend and

I’m back in my college town. And I just turned 26. But I’m not in college any more. Such a weird feeling. But there’s no turning back now. Let’s

Well if you can’t beat the geeks, join ’em! Three hours later, I realized why trivia night is so addicting: It brings smarty pants together and turns random

Indian weddings are often multi-day celebrations of feasting on delicious ethnic food, enjoying the colorful décor, dancing your Bollywood out, and speaking in tongues you’ve never heard. If you’ve

Nope, it’s not a mirage. Yep, they probably couldn’t stuff any more in, even if they tried. And yep, you’re seeing what I’m seeing: crunchy peanut butter, candied

IF AND BEFORE you run a half, just remember: It’s NOT for the faint of heart. Everything –– the weather, the course, the prep, the sustenance, the running buddy, the end

Naturally, being a treehugger and eco-friendly person, I dressed up as the “Verde” Taco Bell Hot Sauce packet.

I mustache you a question: “What’s your favorite garnish on nachos?” Ours was black beans, no guacamole, no pico de gallo, no chicken, no siracha hot sauce, no… everything.

I didn’t make a lot of money when I lived in Richmond, VA. But resourceful and ambitious, I used whatever flea market, thrift store and consignment knick-knacks I could find. And what did

Did you know there’s more to your college town than meets the college student’s eye? I had no idea either. Turns out there is life in Richmond,VA after college.

What’s the best way to clear a writer’s mind? On a run. On cobblestone streets and packed sidewalks. In busy cities and industrial neighborhoods. With the morning sunshine and street noise to your

Returning home from New Orleans was heartbreaking but in hindsight, I found the silver lining in the cloud: When you’re direction-less at the end of a crazy, fun

The city I don’t want to forget: New Orleans. It’s Day # 30. The mileage meter says 2,648 miles traveled in one month. With an aching feeling of

Dear Nay-Nay & Lou Lou (Roomies): Can we try to accomplish some of these things in New Orleans before the world ends (well mine, anyways) and I have

Kirk, the New Orleans drummer, told me about this “Frenchman Street.” But I didn’t realize how musically influential and magical this place would really be. Turns out, it’s extraordinary. Removed

Hey Kirk,       Let’s be friends. When you make it big, look me up. And you better not forget. Your Washington, DC, road-tripping groupie,    

The address we always wanted… is finally ours! After 3 weeks of scoping out Craigslist, cold calling apartment guides, checking classifieds and eaves-dropping at local coffee shops (for coffee, of

Good mawnin! You’d be surprised, but way down yonder here on St. Charles Street it’s actually quite easy to find frozen margaritas, the pungent smell of old bay

You might want to sit down for this. It’s about my one-week crazy-filled stay in Treme, New Orleans. Yes, that same infamous neighborhood from the HBO TV series. Yes,

Dear next Rest Area:          Please magically appear on the side of the road soon. Maybe I should have brought my own toilet paper, Your

An Open Letter to the Unemployed and Heartbroken: I recently started this travel blog after losing my beloved copywriter job and my love-less relationship in the same 24-hour