By Day…
Experience Strategist & Brand Advocate working across Strategy, Digital & Creative to boost sales and drive consumer awareness & engagement globally.


By Weekend…
Career Coach & Digital Media Designer taking storytelling to another level. Helping people to realize their own potential to impact the world. Because at the end of the day, every story done right drives action.

My back story
Sometimes wild, great success is found through the most unconventional career track.

15 Cities & 5 Coastlines Lived

From Washington, D.C. to Charleston, Florence to Rome, Philly to New Orleans, San Francisco to San Jose, San Diego to New York, Los Angeles to Miami and many cool places in between, I’ve tackled them all to build up a kick-ass digital career. 

Why so many? Well, us digital natives thrive on exploration, a change of scenery and fuel of a different kind (*cough travel cough*). So when wifi is our office, digital is our job, and tackling global brand problems is our calling, why the heck not? 

What drives me? Some days, it’s the pulse of a city beneath my feet and everything at my fingertips. Some days, it’s the rush of the waves against my surf and the outdoors grounding me. Other days, it’s the urge to accomplish a never-ending bucket list like it’s my last. But really… I think it’s just plain ol’ FOMO driving me.

34 Brand Experiences and Counting …

My digital career is an accident, actually. 

I stumbled into it after college when my PR degree and sustainability scholarship was flushed down the toilet in the Recession of ’08. Devastated but resilient, I went the unconventional freelance route, found my calling and never looked back. Today, 34 brand experiences later, I’ve just scratched the surface of possibilities. who knows what’s next?

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