She’s a real go-getter, but don’t take her word for it…

Hear from others who know her work (and work ethic) best.
I was looking for a laser-focused career coach that would really take the time to listen to my story and pick apart who I am as a person. Lauren is just that and more! I was recommended to her through someone I trust dearly, and by having her help me not only find my next position but also shift career paths, was a huge challenge. Lauren was 100% up for that big challenge and tackled it head on with ease. She is very great at asking the right questions to get you thinking about the right answers that will position yourself for your next career move. That in itself is worth the weight of gold. I also recommend her for resume writing or formal editing, in general. She really can make sentences pack a punch with the WHY and HOW, and helps you get rid of the fluff employer’s don’t need to be reading. Anyone reading this and considering using Lauren's services, you won’t be disappointed (and you’ll thank both of us later).
Logan Yanoff
Strategic Business Development turned Supply Chain Professional
Lauren is awesome to work with as a fellow creative team member at VV. As soon as she came on board to manage SailorApp content at the end of 2019, she rolled up her sleeves and showed enthusiasm for getting things done on day 1. Even though we didn’t regularly work on the same projects and she managed several other designer’s projects, we still crossed paths at our daily stand-ups every morning and I consistently saw her creative PM skills in action. Not many can be a jack of all trades creative and project manager in one, but she’s got it. I hope we continue to work together for years to come.
Anthony Quintana
Art Director, Illustrator & Creative Soul
Lauren is a brilliant strategist and "ideator" for social media. Her copywriting skills can transform a seemingly dull piece of data into a great story. She is an endless fountain of ideas for big brand brainstorming. Lauren is the perfect blend of meticulous organization and an innovative talent in the social media sphere and as a copywriter. I loved representing Lauren to our client's and she always aimed to turn out great work. Also, she is a great communicator and not only works well on teams but independently too! I highly recommend Lauren to any company looking to hire a knock-out writer and social media extraordinaire.​
Jessyca Hix
Recruiter & Client Services Manager
Lauren worked with Adams Morgan Main Street Group (AMMG)in 2009-2010, primarily on the annual Adams Morgan Day Festival. This Festival involved 100 volunteers, media management, public relations, artist & vendor management. Lauren exuded professionalism at a young age and made a strong contribution to social media, general writing, and all PR and media projects. She worked well with the Executive Director as well as volunteers, suppliers, vendors and press. As President of AMMG 2004 - 2012, I'm pleased to recommend her.​
Lisa Duperier
President, Adams Morgan Main Street Group
Lauren was always thorough and enthusiastic with her work for me at B&H. Her work with my blog and marketing was crucial to the development of my business.
Nathan Hughes
Owner & Principal Broker, Sperity Real Estate Ventures
A PR-grad-turned-Copywriter, Lauren emulates enthusiasm and passion in everything she takes on; every endeavor, project, article and even event. She started working for me at Adams Morgan Main Street Group in March 2009, helping out with production of our biggest annual event, the Adams Morgan Festival. Her role was media relations outreach, and right away she started contacting vendors, contributing social media messaging and collaborating ideas. She helped to make the festival a great and memorable event and we enjoyed having her on board. Since 2009, she's been up to quite a lot over the past 3 years working in various marketing and advertising roles to pave her writing career. So, even though it's been years since working with her, it's always a pleasure re-connecting and catching up.​​
Janet Lugo-Tafur
Real Estate Agent & Former Executive Director of Adams Morgan Mainstreet Group
Lauren is an enthusiastic, high energy person. She is well organized and works hard. She did an excellent job during the period she worked at VFTA.
Trish Poupore
Non-Profit Strategist & Former Executive Dr, Virginians for the Arts
Lauren was in my PR Research Class two years ago. She demonstrated strong analytical skills combined with strategic thinking and creative implementation in strategic communication. Lauren's individual assignments were well written with lots of insights about various research methods we introduced in class. Her leadership in the final client project has motivated the whole team to move forward together efficiently and provide the client the high-quality product. During her senior year, Lauren was one of two winners of the Richmond PR Foundation scholarship, which was an exceptional recognition of her academic excellence and the strong potential to be a successful young PR professional. Lauren is highly-motivated and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend her.
Yan Jin
Professor of PR, University of GA & Former Adjunct Professor of PR, VCU
Lauren is a true pleasure to work with. She has proven herself to be accountable, trustworthy, and reliable. She plans ahead, asks good questions, thoroughly prepares, follows up and follows through. She’s self driven but works to mutually benefit the larger team. In my experience with Lauren, she identified a workflow inefficiency most wouldn’t have recognized, found a solution, tested it thoroughly, demo’ed and gained user acceptance, set up the new process, trained all team members, and rolled it out ahead of deadline. An asset to any team!
Jennafer Higgs
VP, Business Solutions & Ad Operations, Zimmerman Advertising
Lauren is the ideal combo of creative person and project manager you want on your creative team and just all around easy going and sweet person to work with. As soon as we started working together on sailor app content, she rolled up her sleeves and showed enthusiasm for getting things done day one. It takes a lot of skill, tenacity and learning to dive into a new industry and role and new city, but I’ve seen her positivity, enthusiasm and work ethic shine through on joint projects and campaigns. She’s the opposite of high-strung micromanager you think of when you think PM, she’s exactly the opposite - easy going and down to earth — and what any creative team needs to succeed. I welcome the chance to continue working with her in the future.
Jose Rementeria
Brand Consultant
Lauren was great at creating compelling social media campaigns across Facebook and Instagram. A self-starter and very creative, she created compelling online content and stories relevant to real-world events and happenings. She has strong networking skills and an entrepreneurial attitude.
Joe MacFarland
Former Content Manager, eBay
Lauren is a creative storyteller who can find the delicate balance between customer experience, branding and business objectives. She is skilled to the point she helped one of the worlds most recognizable brands broadcast their true voice, while simultaneously helping to define it. She is a great person to work with, and takes feedback in stride and with a positive attitude. Lauren has a very bright future ahead of her.​
Andy Chase
Former Brand Manager, eBay
Lauren is a high-energy marketing professional who brings enthusiasm to every project she takes on. I worked with Lauren when I was a Creative Director and I could always rely on her to propose fresh ideas for our clients' campaigns. She's a hard worker with a strong voice, and she would be a great addition to any creative team.
Emily Forehand
Sr. Director, Events, The Health Management Co.
Lauren Gauthier has exceptional writing and team skills. I hired Lauren twice as a full-time freelance copywriter for Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc., and I would gladly hire her again. She jumps into every writing project with enthusiasm, energy, and creativity. Never short of ideas and always eager to collaborate, I am grateful that I found Lauren. Look for her excellent work on and Need persuasive, entertaining copy? Hire Lauren Gauthier for the job. I did — twice!
Gina Farley
Sr. Copywriter, Hamilton Beach Brands
In short Lauren is AMAZING! I had the absolute pleasure of working with Lauren she's energetic, always up to help on any project, and always keeps her attitude. In her role as a social media manager & copywriter. Lauren proved to equal parts resourceful and creative. She was able to quickly synthesize any information into beautiful content. I highly recommend her to any organization that needs a dynamite content contributor.
Roberto Sousa
Account Executive, B'stro
Lauren is a high-energy marketing professional who brings enthusiasm to every project she takes on. I worked with Lauren when I was a Creative Director and I could always rely on her to propose fresh ideas for our clients' campaigns. She's a hard worker with a strong voice, and she would be a great addition to any creative team.
Josh Barbour
Partner & COO V4 Solutions
Lauren is one of the most driven, goal-oriented people I know. When she sets her sights on something - be it for herself or for a client or employer - she goes after it with everything she has and always gets results. She warrants my wholehearted recommendation, which is rare.​
Bill Farrar
Adjunct Faculty, Virginia Commonwealth University & Former Communications Director, ACLU
Lauren is a pure delight to work with. No detail is left unattended, no partnership left neglected and all deliverables sent in on time and on budget. She was a great project manager, communication point and lead on any project I worked on with her. I'm grateful for the time she put in with PBS SoCal, she helped grow our digital and social presence tremendously and kept teams on target to deliver relevant and thoughtful content. I am very grateful for my time working with her, she kept the projects in order!
Ashley Gain
Engagement Manager, PBS SoCal
Lauren worked with me when I managed content for eBay’s social media channels. Shortly after coming on board, Lauren acquired an excellent understanding of eBay’s social brand and voice, enabling her to create engaging content that appealed to millions of eBay’s social media followers. Overall, Lauren was a fantastic asset to my team – a team player who worked well in cross-functional teams, delivering on crunch deadlines in a fast-paced work environment, and being an adept project manager in managing and prioritizing her tasks and deliverables.​
Ninad Wagle
Former Sr. Social Media Manager, eBay
"I had the pleasure of working with Lauren at ProFlowers. Not only did we work together, but we also shared a cubicle so I attest to the fact that she is an excellent neighbor. 🙂 Very proactive and personable, she comes to the table with her own ideas, but is also very receptive to pivoting with feedback.The greatest testament to her value as a team member is when was instrumental in helping the social team reach their 1-year goals in 4 months."
Kirstie Van Der Spry
Creative Director
I personally recommend the work of Lauren. I have found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication, quality, commitment and a smile. Besides being a joy to work with, Lauren is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits of the organization she represents. She successfully developed marketing and trade show plans for me that have resulted in increased customer interest. Though she was an asset to our team’s efforts, Lauren was also extraordinarily helpful in supporting our company’s overall mission. In addition to providing effective trade show marketing support , Lauren assumed a valuable role in supporting planning meetings, inspiring and motivating other employees. I highly recommend Lauren for employment. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization
Paul Koepfinger
Innovator of Solutions & Former Manager, SourceAmerica
"As a student in my PR Campaigns class, Lauren showed initiative and a drive to succeed from day 1. So I was not surprised when she was awarded the PRSA Scholarship for “Rising PR Professional.” Lauren proved to be an excellent student, shining during the final project when she presented a mock PR campaign to the Greater Richmond Red Cross."
Anna West
Sr. Director, Humane Society
Lauren's work was excellent. Her attention to detail and notable efficiency made a significant impact on our team.
Emily Reaman
Sr Director of Content, PR & Partnerships, California Closets
Lauren has been a great asset to the Healthy Essentials® team and wonderful to work with. Responsive, helpful and social media savvy, she always handled any project with diplomacy, efficiency and great project management.​
Carla Deakins Brand
Former Brand Consultant, Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies
Lauren wrote an article on that was published in GRID Magazine. I have worked with her on other article and press releases as well and am always delighted to find a fresh and inspiring work from her. She is a joy to work with and I will continue to hire her as I have needs.​
Casey Burke Bunn
Regional Director at Strategic Risk Associates, Founder @ Handsocks, Book Author
Lauren is a very enthusiastic copywriter with a strong drive to get things done! She is not afraid to learn new things and is an extremely dedicated team player. If you want passion on your team, she's got it!​
Katie Rottner
Creative Copywiriter
Building Brands through
Innovative Storytelling

Whether she’s tackling big brand challenges globally for well-known consumer brands or taking storytelling to another level by changing the way people think about their own brand potential, she’s all about driving action, awareness and impact.

Ideate, design and deliver the best content across the right channels at the right time to bring the most impact impact to consumers.

Breath life into brand products, services and people, turning them into everyday conversation starters.

Through a mix of UI, UX and digital interface, create and publish out of this world content across mobile, desktop, tablet, print, outdoor, multimedia and various platforms that creates action.

Create and manage brands’ social media marketing overall strategies, plans, production & digital presence. Become the voice of the company.

Help define, launch and promote people’s personal brands, passion projects and business plans.