Cooling Pond Brewery

There’s a certain energy to visiting the Cooling Pong Brewery that makes it different from any other beer-drinking experience in Virginia. Maybe it’s the unmistakable aroma of the brewing process, the gleaming steel tanks, the boasting panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, or the opportunity to drink around like-minded beer enthusiasts who made a special excursion just to drink there. Or… maybe it’s the grit of the native Virginian family running this small, traditional, yet independent brewery every day that makes it one-of-a-kind. No matter how you view it, this is about a brewery that delivers a little something more than just fantastic beer (although it undoubtedly succeeds on that front, too). My challenge: Encouraging people to be socially connected through the Virginia craft beer experience, and changing the way people appreciate the labor, love, and taste behind craft breweries. 

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