# Eat From A Backyard Garden.

# Eat From A Backyard Garden.

While house-sitting and dog-watching this week in San Jose for an eBay coworker, they gave me access to their backyard garden. Little did I know how BIG their backyard garden really was. With more fruits, veggies and mystery legumes from the ground than I know what to do with, or can physically fit in my belly.

whole lot of tomatoesThese baby heirloom tomatoes from the garden out back are bursting in my mouth as I type this with sticky fingers. Oops, its juicy guts just spilled on the keys… shit. Why have I never grown my own garden before? I’ve read about starting one. I’ve seen friends with their own. But I never had a plot to care for or call my own.

I just hand-picked this bushel of tomatoes straight from the stalk about 20 feet away, and now realize what a difference it makes to eat farm-to-table. You can physically see, hand-pick, count and know what you’re devouring.

What a scrumptious dinner! I paired these with a zucchini and goat cheese, grilled chicken salad –– sans dressing because these made the dressing –– and happily (no shame) spooned the bowl and licked the spoon clean. For dessert, to try a little something different, I had heirloom-topped bruschetta and home-made, no-need-to-squeeze tomato juice.

I think I’ll be eating one every meal all week. And when I get back to SF next week, I’m starting my own garden. Even if it’s in a box on my balcony.

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