The Challenge

Even today, with animal justice reform in full swing and advocacy increasing across the U.S., billions of captive, farmed, companion, wildlife and endangered animals are still being slaughtered, killed, harmed, mistreated, neglected, and/or abused. Every year in the U.S., 26 million animals are used in scientific testing; 58 billion chickens, 1.5 billion pigs, 517 million sheep, and 300 million cows are slaughtered for meat and dairy consumption; 85 billion fish and other sea life are killed; 1 million companion animals are abused or killed; and 6 to 8 million companion animals are abandoned. It's alarming but a harsh reality. so how does ALDF leverage its strong government relations, unique digital positioning and loyal following?

My Goal

Reinforcing why animals need greater legal protections us-wide through digital repositioning, management and production.