the brand problem:
Band-aid, a well-known, generational brand that's become part of america's pastime along with basebaLL and APPLE PIE, wants to expand its digital and social positioning from shelf to online. THERE'S NO DOUBT ABOUT IT: THEY’RE AN INDELIBLE PART OF THE AMERICAN CULTURE. MOST OF US GREW UP USING THEM—WHETHER IT WAS TO PATCH UP A SCRAPED KNEE OR TEND TO A PAPER CUT—AND YOU CAN PROBABLY STILL PICTURE THOSE ICONIC TINS SITTING IN YOUR FAMILY'S MEDICINE CABINET. but Today's consumers are no longer just shopping last-minute at the store for emergency products. They're planning, comparing, conversing and sharing ideas about health & wellness products. So how does band-aid shift its positioning to become a talked about online community-inspiring purchase driver?

my challenge:
shifting America's #1 safety bandage brand from shelf to online community-inspiring purchase driver.