the brand problem:
REMEMBER THAT old-school, vintage selling marketplace CALLED EBAY LAUNCHED 25 years ago? (can you believe it launched in 1995?). WELL, When it was FIRST INTRODUCED, EBAY REVOLUTIONIZED THE selling AND buying EXPERIENCE FOR A NICHE AUDIENCE: SMALL VENDORS and AVID COLLECTORS SELLING VINTAGE COLLECTIBLES and HARD-TO-FIND ITEMS. TODAY THAT'S COMPLETELY EXPANDED TO BECOME a popular consumer product marketplace. But with the product and digital expansion, social presence has been lacking. So how does eBay redefine its social voice to create an engaging long-lasting community?

my challenge:
turning EBAY’S OLD-SCHOOL, VINTAGE-SELLING ONLINE MARKETPLACE, ebay.com, and its leading social channels into a millennial friendly, community-driven, competitive social ecosystem? FOR all the BUYERS, SELLERS, INFLUENCERS, HUMANITARIANs, AUTHORS, EDUCATORS, students, and more.