the brand problem:
Richmond grid magazine is a local city paper/publication based in richmond, VA Sharing stories about everyday people who are inspired by a purpose beyond themselves. Richmond, lOCATED 90 MILES DUE SOUTH OF WASHINGTON, D.C., is a SMALL TOWN yet INDUSTRY-driving CITY with MORE TO ITS NAME THAN JUST VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY, THE RICHMOND SQUIRRELS, AND PHILLIP MORRIS. DOWN ON THE RIVERFRONT PAST THE HIGHWAY LIES THE JAMES RIVER, A BUSY RIVER TEEMING WITH PADDLE-BOARDERS, RAFTERS, SWIMMERS, CAMPERS AND AFTER-WORK CROWDS. and It's got 100-year-old brick warehouses, craft breweries and a business hub rivaling big cities. So how does this local publication position itself as the voice of richmond and portay the feature stories of its best?

my challenge:
Promoting the people who roll up their sleeves and push richmond forward - from startup owners to creators to civic leaders.