the brand problem:
Neosporin has become synonymous with healing wounds, old-school and medicine cabinet-ready, but there's more to this health & wellness brand than last-minute pain reliver. Yep, ouchies and boo-boos (no matter how old you are) are no fun and can be really painful depending on the injury. From recess rambunctiousness to after-school activities to weekend jaunts with the family to moving to athletics to heavy duty physically enduring professions, both kids and many adults are naturally adventurous and can push the physical limits. That means, there is going to be inevitable scrapes and small cuts along the way. So how does neosporin push digital and social content boundaries among new audiences to stay relevant and change the conversation to everyday?

my challenge:
Turning a reactive, only-when-you-need-it booboo cream into a proactive, everyday health & wellness conversation starter among all ages.