IPC / Netflix

The Challenge

There are 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. facing extreme hardship, displacement, doubt, poverty, destitution, danger and lack of resources. They're so commonly discriminated against based on ethnicity and race and denied citizenship, yet they make up the very fabric of our country and without them, the U.S. wouldn't as successful as it is today. Documenting these social justice issues in real-time across all four corners of the U.S. is Netflix. It goes where not many people dare to go. But can even Netflix reach the undocumented in the shadows, to get the trust and share their stories while they're still fearing for their lives and navigating legal citizenship challenges?

My Goal

Shining a light on the frontline of divisive us immigration system and the current challenges of undocumented immigrants to encourage citizens, law-mamers, communities and educators to adopt collective action.