Sean Davey Photography

The Challenge

Sean Davey is a 30-year veteran photographer of the surf scene, widely published in several countries and featured on more than 180 international magazine covers. Sean's work spans multimedia platforms, art mediums and various outdoor terrain. But like many photographers, Sean Davey has faced a barrage of challenges in today's photography scene: piracy, people trying to get his work for free, online storefronts replacing art shows, free photography tools replacing raw talent, 3rd party platforms replacing direct-buy, and more. What's more, it's that online photography, visual art, coastal prints and graphic design have become almost disposable, and merely transient. An artwork where the artist and even the work itself are unimportant, and most likely unknown.

My Goal

Raise the online presence of Sean Davey to reinforce his 30 years of experience, Tasmanian background, raw talent, thousands of pieces of artwork, international connections, and easily accessible photography storefront.