women's rogaine

the brand problem:
Women's rogaine has slowly gained popularity, acceptance and promotion over the years as a reliable health & beauty fix. but, let's face it: there's still a long road ahead. HAIR SHEDDING IS A PART OF EVERY DAY LIFE. YES, IT CLOGS UP YOUR SHOWER DRAIN. AND YES, IT MEANS YOU HAVE TO VACUUM EVERY OTHER DAY OR YOUR CARPET TURNS INTO A HAIRY RUG... BUT THE FACT IS, HAIR LOSS IS TOTALLY NORMAL. Yet that's still not accepted by the popular majority of women across the U.S. So how does Women's Rogaine position its products in an industry overshadowed by its male counterpart and engage more women nationally?

my challenge:
Shining a light on women's hair loss and repositioning this women's health & beauty fix among women everywhere.