Hamilton Beach®

Yes, it’s meditative to slice and dice with a super-sharp knife. But do you know what can be even more satisfying? The high of blitzing through heads of garlic, mounds of rosemary, or a loaf of fresh bread for that warm quiche you’re about to make. Such is the power of a food processor from Hamilton Beach. And sure, it’s super convenient to pop in a dark roast coffee pod in a do-it-for-you coffeemaker. But do you know what can be even more satisfying? The heavenly aroma of ground fresh whole coffee beans dripping to your cup’s content. Such is the power of a single-brew coffeemaker from Hamilton Beach. So where can you get these out-of-this-world processors, grinders, coffeemakers, and more? A brick-and-mortar retail shop, or a fast, convenient online retailer like Amazon.com. On top of that, Amazon lets you shop for everything you need all at once, in one place and with a few clicks (instead of trekking across stores and aisles.) Why just buy a grinder, when you can also snag a coffeemaker, blender, toaster (yep, this one toasts up to 6 pieces at a time) and other appliances to simplify your life? My challenge: Changing the way consumers shop online for kitchen appliances with Hamilton Beach’s dedicated online store on Amazon.com. 

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