Healthy essentials®

Taking care of your, and your family’s health is crucial to living longer, being happier, being more financially savvy, and so much more. Yet in today’s oversaturated health & wellness market, how do you find a credible and reliable source you love and would recommend to your own friends and family? Re-introducing Johnson & Johnson Family of Brands. Yep, it’s the same ol’ health brand that’s been around for generations, has helped and healed millions, and become synonymous with family and trust, but it’s not so “old-school” anymore. Johnson & Johnson Family of Brands has gone digital, social and community-wide across the U.S. and internationally. Now you can find all its brands – BandAid®, Splenda®, Rogaine®, Listerine®, CareToRecyle®, Tylenol®, you name it – online, thriving, socially connected and driving more and more everyday conversations than ever before. Now consumers are reducing last-minute trips to the drugstore. Instead, consumers are getting all the tips, tools, advice and health & wellness solutions they need from a vast online community of like-minded consumers and health experts from around the world. My challenge: Keep driving the well-respected, generationally-loved health brand into a more millennial-loving, digitally connected, everyday conversation for consumers everywhere.

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