Keppler Speakers

It’s true. Something as simple as a few words can literally change your life. Hearing a young man share his past suicidal life and how he finally got help, can change your outlook on mental health. Hearing a food critic explain the truth behind fad diets, can make you rethink your own diet. Hearing an environmentalist break down sustainable farming, can make you rethink the food you eat, where it comes from and what it means for the future of our planet. Hearing a revered radio broadcaster share her insights on race and how we talk about it as a nation, can change your view on fair broadcasting. Hearing a journalist share her harrowing experiences of working in the field, can motivate you to push for positive social change. Hearing a forgery and embezzlement expert discuss the art of the steal and how he once lived as a notorious fraudster in the 1960s, can change your outlook on fraud. Hearing a best-selling author reveal what it’s like living a writer’s life, can change your outlook on making a living doing what you love. My challenge: Changing people’s lives, actions, decisions, purchases and daily consumption through the power of the spoken word.

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