Penn Medicine

Technology has been leaving its fingerprints on every field, and no sector has been affected more than the U.S. healthcare industry. More digitally wired, consumer oriented, mobile friendly, and innovative than ever before, the U.S. healthcare industry is changing rapidly and catering more and more to a consumer-driven, millennial market. And what does today’s average consumer  look for in health services? Wearable tracking devices. Patient-centered care. Online support communities. State of the art equipment. Free information. Solid reviews and word of mouth.  Not to mention there’s also an overwhelming amount of health providers existing today–like Kaiser, WebMD, Cedar Sinai, Penn Medicine – who want to be present in our daily lives. because good health should be an everyday conversation starter. My challenge: Changing the way patients and audiences view academic medical centers, like Penn Medicine, to be more convenient, patient-centered and cost-effective. Turning offline, private conversations into online, welcoming conversations on the platform to increase referrals, sign-ups, appointments, service bookings, etc. 

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