Flowers can be used to convey many different messages; “I’m sorry”, “I love you”, Get well soon”, “Will you marry me”; the number of situations where sending flowers are appropriate almost seems endless. There is just something about receiving a bouquet of flowers that makes people feel special, so sending them is almost always an excellent idea. Saying “happy birthday” with flowers can make that one day out of 365 days the best so far. Saying “sorry” with flowers when you’ve made a mistake can show genuine empathy. Meeting your girlfriend’s mother for the first time with flowers can warm her mother’s heart like no other gift. Cheering up a friend with flowers with when they are feeling down is a long-lasting token of friendship. So why don’t more people give flowers today? In a saturated product and gift market, flowers are often forgotten or limited due to their shelf-life. But that’s no reason to shove them aside and get a less genuine gift. My challenge: Reinvigorating the consumer flower industry. Turning ProFlowers into an everyday reason to give no matter the season, occasion, person or location. 

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