To say that the luxury consumer landscape is becoming more complex is an understatement. In fact, where there was once one typical luxury consumer, there are now many different types of consumers (millennials, to be exact), and they all want unique things from luxury brands. Restoration Hardware has a design, taste and style to meet a wide grandparents to affluent couples to career-driven millennials to well-groomed families. And there’s also a psychology to why people buy luxury goods. The physical appeal of luxury goods is undeniable – the leather is softer, the shoes are more comfortable. A luxury good can go a long way in increasing self-esteem or providing a sense of belonging. The sentimentality of the item – the memory or pride or feeling that comes from having purchased a genuine luxury good – is part of the reason that we seek authenticity. Simply put, treating yourself to fake something is like not having treated yourself at all. My challenge: Making consumers rethink the real value of living luxury, and promoting Restoration Hardware as a premium, long-lasting and affirming lifestyle choice.

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