#751: Wedding on a Pomegranate Farm

It’s been one month since Jackie said “I Do” but it feels like yesterday when I took that first step inside the big tree, walked down the isle and took my place alongside the bridal party. One of my best friends, Jackie, was getting married and I was lucky enough to be one of her bridesmaids. Her venue? One of the coolest places I could ever imagine. She picked a pomegranate farm in a tiny town outside of Temecula, California as her and Will’s spot to say “I Do.

I can’t say enough about this amazing woman, life-long friend, former college roommate and fellow road-tripping groupie, Jackie. Or her amazingly sweet, kind, funny husband Will.  I’ve known them both for over 10 years, since Richmond VCU days.

The weekend was a confluence of food truck delights, pomegranate-infused drinks, old college memories, drunken dance parties, matching bridesmaid tattoos (fake, let me assure you) and bittersweet goodbyes to friends I hadn’t seen in 10 years and probably wouldn’t see for another 10. Overall, despite the lack of cell phone reception, the gravel ground that permanently tinged my peach bridesmaid dress, and the chilly weather, I had a blast. I crashed in the same bed with my old best friend, Caleb, stayed up dancing all night, even squeezed in a bachelorette-style girl’s day at Glen Ivy Spa to celebrate the bride-to-be.

Can’t wait for my own wedding. Wonder if I should go for a pineapple plantation or apple orchard…

# Stroll Through the Campbell Farmers Market.

The Campbell Farmers Market in downtown Campbell, CA. It’s a must-stop if you: 1) Are ever in the San Jose area 2) Need a coffee fixin’ 3) Feelin’ the “hair of the dog” 4) Are craving mouth watering fruits or 5) Feel like waking up early and being productive.

I woke up at 7:02 AM this morning to two friendly licking dogs and a meowing kitty, so I decided to keep up the momentum and make it a farmers market morning. Funny, I’ve only gone twice in two months, but now at every turn I smell and see new ripe peaches, apples, oranges, hummus flavors and espresso at every turn.

Four hours later and a mile-long stretch of stands later, I conquered every stand, sipped enough coffee for three and caught up on new conversations with old friends. Apparently an eBay co-worker and his wife (hi, Andy and Traci!) were also starting their Sunday the same way. Before I knew it, an hour went by, a round of mimosas, laughs and jokes happened and my stomach was grumbling again. Peeling myself away to the farmers market walk, I sampled my way back to the car while taking in the smells of salted kettle corn, nutmeg coffee, cinnamon pastries, garlic feta cheese and vanilla-infused something.

Wow, if this is the stuff of Sundays in California, I think I’ll stick around. Forever.

Downtown Campbell Farmers market