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Ayr wellness strives to cut through the clutter, negative press and politics plagued by its high-quality products – cannabis – be known as a force for good health and community and largest cultivator in the U.S.

The cannabis at AYR Wellness isn’t from the guy you know, the street corner, or your local weed shop. Its unparalleled quality begins with its team of masterful cultivators who are experts in the field. As true artisans of their craft, they are deeply connected to the cannabis plant and pride themselves on their meticulous handling and stewardship of the cultivation process. The attention and dedication invested alongside utilizing the very best cutting edge technology is what takes our flower from excellent to extraordinary. 

What’s more, AYR brands, like Haze, Levia, Kynd & LaterDays, are rooted in the dedication to cultivating the highest quality flower. Beyond taking pride in its quality, AYR also takes pride in its vast footprint of retail store locations across the U.S. – from Florida to Massachusetts to Nevada to Illinois and Pennsylvania. While each state has its own cannabis laws, store vibes and supply inventory, all stores live by one creedo: push for better customer experience & therefore revenue. 

Yet despite its strong presence in the industry, expanding physical footprint and superb quality, it’s just another weed brand in a saturated industry and controversial market. Many media companies, brands and neighborhoods balk at working with and being connected to AYR due to its nature. Some states and regions within those states even have restrictions for adult rec users and incentives only for med users. 

So how does AYR wellness increase its digital and physical footprint, improve the in-store experience at entry and check-out, and battle weed politics simultaneously while onboarding start-up agency to handle all aspects of marketing, digital and loyalty design?

Help redesign the multi-brand, multi-platform, multi-region, multi-checkout, multi-point-of-sale website alongside agency team under tremendous deadlines, strapped budget and lean team?

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