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One of today’s largest digital marketplaces of stores, influencers, collectibles & vintage stuff, eBay® roots in brand values, strategies, operations and storytelling in its rich history of being a collectible platform, first and foremost.

Remember that old-school, vintage-selling marketplace that launched 28 years ago in 1995? When eBay® was first introduced to the world, it revolutionized the auction, selling, trading and buying experience for collectors & niche buyers. The first item purchased in 1995 was a broken laser pointer. Since then, almost 30 years later, eBay has become one of the most popular consumer marketplaces on Earth. In fact, the second biggest behind Amazon. 

Today, eBay® is known for its consumer-to-consumer sales and auctions. There are about 1.6M live listings. About $11.9 billion of its gross merchandise were bought using mobile devices as of Q1 2022. The most expensive item ever sold is a Giga yacht worth $168M. Electronics and accessories is the most popular category at 16.4%. About 53% of the company’s GMV involves interaction with a mobile device. And eBay® relies on its users to self-regulate the trading community through a feedback system allowing buyers to rate sellers on transactions. Kind of like you rating your uber driver after a transaction.

Yet despite its overwhelming success, eBay® still struggles with wrangling its social communities around a consistent brand voice, and focusing on improving its eBay® Mobile app.

How does eBay® turn its image into a millennial-friendly, community-driven, social ecosystem for today’s buyers, sellers, influencers, humanitarians, educators, students & entrepreneurs? On top of that, how does the marketplace position its mobile app as an easier, shop-to-cart experience, compared to the Amazons and Shopifys out there?

Transformed eBay’s reputation from “old-school auction site” to “millennial & influencer-driving marketplace”. Captured the attention of influential icons, celebrities and humanitarians to partner with and promote eBay®. 

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