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Representing the digital and social presence of the UPenn Health System, PennMedicine® promotes the doctors & staff, state-of-art technology, innovative centers, renowned services and loyal patient communities across the entire hospital ecosystem.

World-renowned academic medical center and health system, PennMedicine®, faces many marketing challenges: 1) Increasing referrals, appointments & services; 2) Competing with an over-saturated health & wellness industry; 3) Dealing with the costly procedures that turn many people away; and 4) Reaching digital-wired, mobile audiences.

How does PennMedicine® change the way patients and health consumers view and look to academic medical centers for relevant health information, cost-effective services and online patient tools? 

Helped redesign and relaunch Coordinated, designed, and executed content for all its social properties for the Healthcare system’s award-winning Heart & Vascular Center. 

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