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One of the largest fitness franchises globally, this ‘Average Joe’ gym boasts a welcoming, non-intimidating environment called “The Judgement Free Zone” where anyone – and they mean anyone – can feel they belong.

Planet Fitness might be known for its weekend warrior, bright purple & yellow colors, sprawling campuses, ever-growing locations, not-too-serious gym goers, and controversial “big fitness energy” tagline, but the wildly popular and successful franchise is only growing and becoming more of a thing. Despite the growth of smaller boutiques, boxing gyms, elite studios, yoga-lates lounges, gym facilities in the space. Planet fitness counts about 2,100 gyms in its network and has an expansive budget to execute full-scale advertising nationally. 

Now, the last couple years have hit the fitness industry hard, giving rise to virtual fitness and prompting all gyms, studios, and instructors, including Planet Fitness, to offer live-cast, at-home and on-demand workouts anywhere but the gym. It’s been a welcome reward for everyone – the workout buff, weekend warrior, and fitness addict alike – who has wanted to keep feeling the burn, workout routine, camaraderie, and sense of belonging.

Yet despite the uptick in virtual fitness, the in-person gym workouts are still preferred by millions of Americans today. Planet Fitness is capitalizing on this massive return by offering transition programs, back-to-the-gym-safety campaigns, social incentives, free giveaways, live tours of facilities, and more. In fact, as of May 2021, foot traffic at gyms nationally climbed 83% since the heart of the Pandemic, March 2020. Competitors like Crunch Fitness and Blink Fitness were among the strongest to rebound with PF close behind.

How does competitor Planet Fitness wrangle its usual community of wavering gym goers, weekend warriors, and virtual fitness groupies to get back to the in-person gym routine, while appealing to new audiences?

Reinforced this judgement-free gym as that “Cheers” bar you go back to time and time again. Even after days, weeks, months or years of missing it. Appealed to audiences with inspiration, familiarity, humor, positivity, encouragement, ultimately turning everyday people into everyday members.

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