The Insights

ProFlowers faces several challenges when it comes to promoting its flower service, reinforcing its brand sentiment, and defining its voice in today's world. For starters, there's no shortage of flower companies, boutiques and competing grocery stores out there offering similar flowers. Secondly, the stereotype behind flower buying is stuck as a last-minute gift buying idea and not an everyday occasion thing. Third, who the heck is the audience, anyways? The baby boomer generation 45+ older? And lastly, what power can flowers have over human emotion and action? Can a flower say, “I’m sorry”, "happy birthday", “I love you”, Get well soon” or “Will you marry me?”... without a word spoken?

The Brand Challenge

How does ProFlowers revamp their old school brand to increase millennial floral purchases and change the flower-buying habits of American consumers, from impulse buy to daily loyal engagement?