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Seabourn’s ultra-luxury expedition ships are purpose-built to directly connect travelers with nature’s wildest elements and offer unparalleled, never-been-done-before experiences around the globe.

Among all the travelers out there today, there are 4 distinct types worth noting: 1) the budget-family-friendly, 2) the minimalist, 2) the extravagant, and 4) the meaningful traveler. Now each of these types obviously have their own preferences, budgets and needs, but all of them have one common love: to travel. And not only to travel, but travel by water. 

A majority of today’s travelers are the budget-friendly, family-centered, adventurous, deal-loving, inclusive-options type. The how-can-I-get-a-great-deal-but-have-fun type. They’re looking for travel experiences that don’t break the bank, take a year to save for, or are so far remote it takes a while to get back home. 

The minimalist traveler, on the other hand, doesn’t need a whole lot to travel with. He/she just enjoys escaping the everyday chaos and living beyond the usual. The Airbnb-or-simple-hotel type who pride themselves on having a small footprint but big map. 

The extravagant traveler, the opposite of the budget-friendly traveler, loves premium everything so much so that money is no object. The how-can-I-live-like-a-king-for-a-week type. 

The last type, the meaningful traveler, takes adventures and escape to another level: traveling with purpose whatever budget, amenities and location fits their individual design. This small percentage of die-hard travelers who live for the high-end, expedition-themed, bucket-list type of adventure. In fact, it’s only about 11% of travelers in the world today. They say that it’s a game-changing, life-changing, people-changing experience they would do again and again. 

Competitor cruiseline, Carnival Cruiselines, offers experiences for all of those types, including its top of the line Seabourn® Cruises. It ranks right at the top along with its main competitor, Silversea. The sustainable travel focuses on all-inclusive, adults-only itineraries with no children’s programs at all. As for the steep, but worthwhile cost, a typical cruise might fall in the $3,800–$6,999 range, while some can be much higher, such as the 43-day cruise to the Americas & Antarctica which runs $22,999 per person.

How does this high-end, expedition-based travel company stand out from competitor cruises? Also how does Seabourn® Cruises secure a strong, loyal fanbase and raise awareness among other Carnival travelers who want a more intimate, safer travel experience during the heart of the Pandemic?

Mapped the creative and strategic visions of Seabourn®’s brand leaders –  Reinventing its brand positioning internationally – to the right channels where travelers are already researching getaways, booking reservations, sharing reviews and purchasing itineraries.

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