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Wyndham Hotels Puerto Rico

Two sister properties on the island country of Puerto Rico, Wyndham Palmas and Wyndham RioMar are known for their Spanish flavor, inherent beauty, geographic proximity and world-class guest experience.

The hospitality industry suffered greatly during and after the pandemic – in large part due to its dependence on bringing people together and its relationship to essential human activities and interaction: work, travel, eating out, etc. Hotels couldn’t survive without tourists’ basic need for travel, getaway, and experiencing culture somewhere else. And Wyndham Hotels Puerto Rico is a prime example of that. One hotel chain’s journey to carving out more of a branding niche for its two sister properties on the island country of Puerto Rico: Wyndham Palmas and Wyndham RioMar. Even though each hotel holds different appeal, appetite, location, grandeur, vibe, programming and facilities unique to its positioning, both hotels share the same integrity for infusing Puerto Rican community and flavor. 

While Wyndham Palmas is more boutique in vibe and feel and boats a different geographic location on the southern tip of the country, Wyndham RioMar holds more grandeur as a larger scale hotel. The hotel, located on the northern tip of the island, boasts two 18-hole golf courses, numerous on-property and off-property activities for all ages and more expansive grounds to explore. 

But beyond all that, both hotels still face challenges. From a visitor experience standpoint, guests have enjoyed the amenities overall but noticed the lack of a certain charm, beauty, je-ne-sais-quoi vibe. From a physical footprint and website standpoint, traffic has been steady but no growing to the goals of hotel leaders. From a search standpoint, results have shown both hotels to be rank highly for branded keywords, “Wyndham Hotels,” but very low for basic, widely-searched and needed travel terms, “Travel, island stay, island hotel, Puerto Rican vacation,” Meaning the hotels are missing the most basic searches done by travel-eager consumers. From a branding standpoint, each of hotels needs stronger positioning in this saturated hotel market. 

In 2023, hotel leadership began rethinking their hotel purpose. If the very meaning of work and home changed, what does that mean for hotels? How do hotels, like Wyndham, reimagine their guest experience to appeal to every day people working remotely, traveling sustainably, co-working, and vacationing? With that said, the team decided to tackle both hotels over time, starting with Palmas first. In early Q1, the Palmas team set out to do a makeover on its brand, physical property, digital presence – and more.  

Helped redesign the websites for both Wyndham Palmas and Wyndham RioMar, while overseeing and managing all creative, social, digital, website & brand related projects on a daily basis. 

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